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Signs are created to make your business stand out in the crowd.

At Adam Signs and Lighting we have been creating signs for over 45 years, this has given us a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We are able to tailor make signs for your particular need, this can been from a design you give us or we can work with you to develop a concept that will work for you and be within your budget.

We Design and Produce all of our signs in our own factory giving us full control over standards and delivery schedules.

Below are some examples of signs we produce, however no job is to small or to large.


Company’s logos and designs can easily be incorporated into signs.
We are able to design, produce and install different features incorporating your designs and logos.


LED signs can be stand alone or incorporated into a landmark sign or promote different messages. Our LED signs use the latest technology and can be one colour or full colour depending on your need.  Our signs can produce static text/images or full colour video.


Directing customers around an area clearly and correctly is easy when you install directional signs that have a clear message and design. We are able to produce illuminated and non illuminated directional signs.


To create grand exposure you need a Landmark / pylon sign. This type of sign is best used on a high traffic road.


Sometimes the higher you go the better exposure, this is why we produce ‘Sky Signs’; large 3D full illuminated signs capable of being seen from KM away.


Adam Signs and Lighting produces illuminated signs in all shapes and sizes. We are able to make your standard under awning sign however we excel in producing unique one of a kind signs, that enable your business to stand out from the crowd.


Whether you are creating a unique space or need that distinctive NEON look. We are able to produce a neon sign using words or any designs.